Events Management

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This is an introductory, first-year textbook for students of events management and hospitality management - there are approximately 20,000 events management students in the UK alone. Unlike the competition, which does not cover the subject with sufficient breadth and depth, Events Management, 3e provides a complete resource with all the information a student needs about the principles and practices associated with planning, managing and staging events. The chapter structure has been revised, expanded and updated to reflect developments and changes in priorities in the marketplace: New chapter on Environmental Planning and Events New chapter on Perspective of Events Expanded content on the marketing of events Expanded content on the Law and Events Additional content on Risk and Occupational Health and Safety Management Revised and new international case studies /companion website provides: Learning objectives, links to organizations and companies discussed, figures, tables, case studies, references and updates.


Section 1: The Events Context
1. An Overview of the Events Field
2. Perspectives on Events
3. Event Impacts and Legacies
4. Event Tourism Planning
5. Sustainable Development and Events
Section 2: Planning
6. The Strategic Planning Function
7. Conceptualising the Event
8. Project Management for Events
9. Financial Management and Events
10. Human Resource Management and Events
11. Marketing Planning for Events
12. Promotion: Integrated Marketing Communication for Events
13. Sponsorship of Events
Section 3: Event Operations and Evaluation
14. Staging Events
15. Logistics
16. Legal Issues of Event Management
17. Risk Management
18. Evaluation and Research


Glenn Bowdin is Head of the UK Centre for Events Management, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. Johnny Allen is Foundation Director of the Australian Centre for Event Management, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. William O'Toole is an international events development specialist. He assists councils, cities, regions, countries and companies to grow their events portfolio and create their long term events program. For last five years he advised the Supreme Commission for Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the development of their new festival program in the thirteen provinces. Bill trains and assists the United Nations event organisers in places such as the Sudan and Uganda and is facilitating the development of the event industry in Kenya. He is a founding director of the Event Management Body of Knowledge and key advisor to the International Event Management Competency Standard. He has two international event textbooks released and the information and checklists on his CDROM ELMS (www.epms.net), are used by events and venues around the world to manage their events. Rob Harris is Director of the Australian Centre for Event Management and Senior Lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Ian McDonnell is Senior Lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.
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