Too Many Magpies

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Oktober 2009



A charismatic stranger comes into the life of a young mother fearing for her children in a polluted and changing world. He seems to offer a special kind of power... A haunting and timely novel about our hidden desires, and our rational and irrational fears in a newly precarious environment.


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Elizabeth Baines' grandmother claimed to be a descendent of the family of the Welsh bard Will Hopkin. The fact that the truth of this is unknown was not enough to deter Elizabeth from deciding at an early age to be a writer in his footsteps. Born in Bridgend, South Wales, to a Welsh mother and an Irish father, she studied English at Bangor, and for several years was a teacher of English in schools in Scotland and England. She is the prizewinning author of prose fiction and plays, with an established career as an acclaimed radio dramatist. With Ailsa Cox, she founded and edited the acclaimed short-story magazine Metropolitan (1992-97). Her collection of short stories, Balancing on the Edge of the World, was published by Salt in 2007 and pronounced 'a stunning debut collection' (The Short Review). In 2004 she took up occasional acting by performing one of her own stage monologues for the 24:7 Theatre Festival. She lives in Manchester. She writes the well-regarded Fictionbitch blog (http://fictionbitch.blogspot.com) and her own author blog (http://elizabethbaines.blogspot.com)


An innovative and committed writer of distinctly pure talent.--The Short Review
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