Red Prince

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August 2010



In this exhilarating narrative, prize-winning historian Snyder offers an indelible portrait of Wilhelm von Habsburg whose life personifies the wrenching upheavals of the first half of the 20th century, as the rule of empire gave way to the new politics of nationalism. 20 b&w photos and maps.


Timothy Snyder is Professor of History at Yale University. Winner of the George Louis Beer Prize of the American Historical Association for his book The Reconstruction of Nations, Snyders book, Sketches from a Secret War, was awarded the Pro Historia Polonorum by the First Congress of Foreign Researchers of Poland. Recently, The Red Prince was named Best Book in the field of Ukrainian history by the American Association of Ukrainian Studies. He lives in New Haven, Connecticut.


"Foreign Affairs"
"Not often does scholarly history soar and entrap like a fine historical novel, but here it does.... The book's real triumph is how it carries the reader from the gilt and pomp of the nineteenth century; through the dawn of a new century in war, the salacious lives of the high-born royal outcasts in 1930s Paris, and the shadow politics of Nazi Germany; and ultimately to the crushing weigh of Soviet occupation in postwar Eastern Europe. Snyder embeds all of this in a shrewd, sharp framing of the larger history before and during Wilhelm's life, ending with thought-provoking reflections on the links to the present."
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Untertitel: The Secret Lives of a Habsburg Archduke. First Trade Paper Edition. black & white illustrations, maps. Sprache: Englisch.
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