The Cambridge Companion to Gadamer

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The most convenient and accessible guide to Gadamer currently available.


1. Introduction Robert J. Dostal; 2. Gadamer: the man and his work Robert J. Dostal; 3. Gadamer's basic understanding of understanding Jean Grondin; 4. Getting it right: relativism, realism and truth Brice Wachterhauser; 5. Hermeneutics, ethics and politics Georgia Warnke; 6. The doing of the thing itself: Gadamer's hermeneutic ontology of language Gunter Figal; 7. Gadamer on the human sciences Charles Taylor; 8. Lyric as paradigm: Hegel and the speculative instance of poetry in Gadamer's hermeneutics J. M. Baker, Jr.; 9. Gadamer, the hermeneutic revolution, and theology Fred Lawrence; 10. Hermeneutics in practice: Gadamer on ancient philosophy Catherine H. Zuckert; 11. Gadamer's Hegel Robert B. Pippin; 12. Gadamer's relation to Heidegger and phenomenology Robert J. Dostal; 13. The constellation of hermeneutics, critical theory and deconstruction Richard J. Bernstein.


"This twelve-essay collection should introduce Gadamer to new readers while engaging those familiar with his work." Journal of the History of Philosophy "...brings together many themes and conveys difficult thinking with real clarity." Philosophy in Review "...overall, this collection is nicely judged and well-organized, and the inclusion of a very thorough bibliography at the end makes it all the more valuable..." American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly
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