Interprofessional Social Work

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All Social Work students are required to undertake specific learning and assessment in partnership working and information sharing across professional disciplines and agencies. Increasingly, social workers are also finding that they need to deal with a wide range of other professions as part of their daily work. It is essential therefore that social workers can work effectively and collaboratively with these professions while retaining their own values and identity. This updated second edition will prepare social work students to work with a wide variety of professions including youth workers, the police, teachers and educators, the legal profession and health professionals.


The Importance of Interprofessional and Inter-agency Practice
Preparing to Work with Other Professionals
The Youth Work Context
The Health Context
The Education Context
The Housing and Neighbourhood Context
The Justice Context
Appendix 1: The Professional Capabilities Framework
Appendix 2: Subject Benchmark For Social Work


Anne Quinney is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work Education at Bournemouth University, where an inter-professional curriculum has been introduced. Her teaching responsibilities include Social Work Theories and Methods/Models of Social Work Intervention; Practice Issues and Using Research in Practice. Anne is an e-learning enthusiast, involved in research projects which include exploring student experiences of e-learning in the social work curriculum and evaluating an electronic simulated community to support inter-professional education. She is Joint Editor of the journal Practice and is a member of the SWAP steering group. Anne previously worked as a teacher in Sudan and as a social worker and youth worker in the UK.


"Comprehensive, readable book...Integration of NOS and QAA benchmarks help students and assessors to understand and chart learning. A very valuable resource" (Practice Learning Co-ordinator, NEWI)
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