Life on the Outside: The Tamil Diaspora and Long-Distance Nationalism

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April 1999



An original ethnographic study of a post-colonial migrant community, looking at diasporas and migration, globalisation, identity and nationalism.


1. Introduction 2. History and Nationalism 3. Semantics of Terror 4. Migration to Norway 5. Fields and Boundaries 6. Money, Marriage and Meaning 7. The Ethnic Interface 8. The Nature of Tradition 9. From the Traditional to the Revolutionary 10. Between Nation and State Bibliography Index


Oivind Fuglerud is a former Red Cross worker in the NGO/voluntary sector and now an academic researcher in Oslo.


"This is an important contribution to migration research"-- Choice" (This book) engages questions central to the study of transnationalism and also enhances our understanding of the Tamil struggle in contemporary Sri Lanka. Fuglerud gracefully moves between analyses of local refugee formations in Norway, nationalist subjects back home and historical narrative; he takes seriously the reach of this ethnic diaspora and breaks down facile divisions between homeland and land settlement. This theoretically sophisticated book should be of interest to a wide range of scholars. It transforms our understanding of what it means to be a refugee-immigrant and innovatively demonstrates how ethnic-national conflicts are constructed at home through their translation abroad." -- International Migration Review
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