Classics in Film and Fiction

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Evaluates the term 'classic', discussing a wide range of films and texts including Jane Eyre, The Tempest and Alice in Wonderland.


Introduction: Classics across the film/literature divide by Heidi Kaye and Imelda Whelehan 1. 'If Only You Could See What I've Seen with Your Eyes': Bladerunner and Symphonie Pastorale by Nick Peim 2. Classic Shakespeare for All: Forbidden Planet and Prospero's Books, Two Screen Adaptations of The Tempest by Sara Martin 3. The Red and the Blue: Jane Eyre in the Nineties by Lisa Hopkins 4. Transcultural Aesthetics and the Film Adaptations of Henry James by Martin Halliwell 5. 'Hystorical' Puritanism: Contemporary Cinematic Adaptations of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter and Arthur Miller's The Crucible by Sergio Rizzo 6. Mrs Dalloway and Orlando: The Subject of Time and Generic Transactions by Lesley Higgins and Marie-Christine Leps 7. 'Desire Projected Itself Visually': Watching Death in Venice by Stuart Burrows 8. Leopold Bloom Walks and Jimmy Stewart Stares: On Motion, Genre, and the Classic by Kay Young 9. Trial and Error: Combinatory Fidelity in Two Versions of Franz Kafka's The Trial by Paul M. Malone 10. In Cold Blood: Yellow Birds, New Realism and Killer Culture by Paul Wells 11. Home by Tea-time: Fear of Imagination in Disney's Alice in Wonderland by Deborah Ross Notes on Contributors Index


Deborah Cartmell is a Principal Lecturer in English at De Montfort University I.Q. Hunter is a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at De Montfort Heidi Kaye is a former Senior Lecturer in English and Women's Studies at De Montfort. All four are editors of the previous titles in the Film/Fiction series. melda Whelehan is a Principal Lecturer in English and Women's Studies at De Montfort.
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