Needs and Welfare

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September 1990



This book addresses the concept of need and how needs can be, and are, met in western societies. Different models of welfare provision are examined both in theoretical terms and through two case studies: of models of pension provision and of the connection between the satisfaction of needs and electoral success for governments. This timely study makes an important contribution to the understanding of welfare and politics in advanced industrial western states.


Introduction - Alan Ware and Robert E Goodin
Relative Needs - Robert E Goodin
Universal Principles and Particular Claims - Peter Jones
From Welfare Rights to Welfare States
Rights, Needs and Community - Michael Freeden
The Emergence of British Welfare Thought
The Welfare State versus the Relief of Poverty - Brian Barry
Models of Old-Age Pensions - Joakim Palme
Needs, Services and Political Success Under the British Conservatives - Richard Parry
Problems for the Mixed Economy of Welfare - Norman Johnson
Meeting Needs in a Welfare State - Stein Kuhnle and Per Selle
Relations Between Government and Voluntary Organizations in Norway
Meeting Needs through Voluntary Action - Alan Ware
Does Market Society Corrode Altruism?


`interesting and thought provoking...touches on a developing field which is still not well represented in the literature' - Journal of Social Policy
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