Philosophy of Quantum Information and Entanglement

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This book addresses the most important developments and debates in this exciting area of research for historians, philosophers of science and physicists.


Preface; Introduction; Part I. Quantum Entanglement and Nonlocality: 1. Nonlocality beyond quantum mechanics Sandu Popescu; 2. Entanglement and subsystems, entanglement beyond subsystems, and all that Lorenza Viola and Howard Barnum; 3. Formalism locality in quantum theory and quantum gravity Lucien Hardy; Part II. Quantum Probability: 4. Bell's inequality from the contextual probabilistic viewpoint Andrei Khrennikov; 5. Probabilistic theories: what is special about quantum mechanics? Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano; 6. What probabilities tell about quantum systems, with application to entropy and entanglement John Myers and Hadi Madjid; 7. Bayesian updating and information gain in quantum measurements Leah Henderson; Part III. Quantum Information: 8. Schumacher information and the philosophy of physics Arnold Duwell; 9. From physics to information theory and back Wayne Myrvold; 10. Information, immaterialism, and instrumentalism: old and new in quantum information Chris Timpson; Part IV. Quantum Communication and Computing: 11. Quantum computation: where does the speed-up come from? Jeff Bub; 12. Quantum mechanics, quantum computing and quantum cryptography Tai Wu.


Alisa Bokulich is a Professor in the Philosophy Department at Boston University, and an active member of Boston University's Center for Philosophy and History of Science. Her research focuses on the history and philosophy of physics, as well as broader issues in the philosophy of science. Gregg Jaeger is a Professor at Boston University, where he teaches courses in the Mathematics, Natural Science, and Philosophy departments. His recent research focuses on decoherence, entanglement, quantum computing, and quantum cryptography, and in 2008 he was awarded a Kavli fellowship.


'It is easy to stand by the hope expressed by Bokulich and Jaeger at the close of their introduction, 'that this volume will provide a useful starting point for those entering this new interdisciplinary field, and will encourage more philosophers and physicists to enter into the dialogue on the exciting philosophical implications of quantum information research.' Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
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