Automated Evaluation of Lightning Electromagnetic Fields

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Mai 2010



Current knowledge about the phenomenon of lightning is not complete. However there are numerous theories explaining physical processes concerned with lightning discharges. These theories as well as developed methods allow to construct tools for a deeper investigation as well as to give qualitative statements upon their reliability. Any field measurement system (FMS) is able to measure electromagnetic pulses including those from a lightning discharge. This book illustrates a method of signal processing in time and frequency domain to analyze data obtained by an FMS. Underlying software (designed for a specific set of data) identifies individual lightning under a given set of filters and compares generated results with existing lightning identification system in use. Using real data, author shows that it is possible to automatically detect lightning discharges with a relatively high accuracy by applying tools illustrated. This book is suitable for a beginner or an intermediate specialist in lightning research seeking an overview of a practical application.


Andrei Neboian: MSc. in Electrical Engineering (Automation and Control) from the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. Research Assistant at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany.
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