Send Them Victorious: England's Path to Glory 2006-2010

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Juni 2010



Since 2006, under the guise of the Wing Commander, a somewhat xenophobic veteran of numerous campaigns including the Boer War, David Stubbs has written reports on every major England fixture. These lay stress just not on the inestimable virtues of the England team, who merely by being English hold an advantage over the opposition, but on the shabby deficiencies of their hapless foreign opponents. They're larded with historical reference and cultural speculation as to the frightfulness of the swarthy foe. England, as ever, expects in the run-up to the 2010 World Cup. These reports capture the essence of fervent, St George cross flag waving optimism as footballing fever grips the nation.


David Stubbs is a freelance journalist and author working in Britain, whose work regularly appears in The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Wire, Men's Health and When Saturday Comes among others.


David Stubbs's England match reports make me weep with laughter. (Ben Marshall, The Guardian)
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