A Fart in a Colander

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September 2010



Roy Hudd's career began in the 1950s and since then he has worked with most of the major stars of the last 40 years. Born in Croydon in 1936, his early life was turbulent. His father left home and his mother committed suicide during the war, leaving his formidable, but adored grandmother, to raise him. It was she who gave him the title for this book. His big television break came with "Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life "and he also had a brief stint in the popular TV soap "Coronation Street." He has more than 30 pantomimes under his belt, as well as many memorable "Variety" and "West End" performances, and his radio career includes the hugely popular the "News Huddlines," which he starred in and ran for 26 years.


This riveting autobiography charts Roy's voyage from amateur to professional and from boy to man The Daily Express It is the warm-hearted voice of the man himself: one of our national treasures The Daily Mail Hilarious memoirs... Hudd has collected many a story and they are related with gusto, along with moving recollections of a childhood that was beset by tragedy Choice Magazine
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