East Asian Transformation: On the Political Economy of Dynamism, Governance and Crisis

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From the re-emergence of Japan as an industrial power in the 1950s to the rise of China as a potential economic-political behemoth, the story of East Asian development has been central to any analysis of the dynamics and trajectory of the global political economy. This book examines the political-economic issues of East Asian development.


Preface: An East Asian Journey Acknowledgements 1. Making Sense of East Asian Transformation 2. Danger and Opportunity in the Transformation Process 3. States and Transformation 4. Economic Crises and Governance Failures 5. Governing Growth and Inequality 6. Limits to Industrialization - Jeffrey Henderson and Richard Phillips 7. China and Global Development 8. Towards a Global-Asian Era? Endnotes. References. Index


Jeffrey Henderson is Leverhulme Research Professor of International Development and Co-Director of the Centre for East Asian Studies in the University of Bristol, UK. His books include The Globalisation of High Technology Production (published by Routledge), States and Development in the Asian Pacific Rim and Industrial Transformation in Eastern Europe in the Light of the East Asian Experience.
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