The Parasomnias and Other Sleep-Related Movement Disorders

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1. Parasomnias: a short history Shannon Sullivan and Christian Guilleminault; 2. Epidemiology of parasomnias Maurice M. Ohayon; 3. Functional neuroimaging in parasomnias Eric Nofzinger; 4. The clinical evaluation of patients with parasomnias Imran Ahmed and Michael Thorpy; 5. Video-polysomnography of parasomnias Stefano Vandi; 6. Parasomnias due to medications or substances Rosalind Cartwright; 7. Parasomnias due to medical and neurological disorders Marco Zucconi and Oldani Alessandro; 8. Trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder and parasomnias Anissa Maroof and Thomas A. Mellman; 9. Sexsomnias Nikola N. Trajanovic and Colin Shapiro; 10. Medico-legal consequences of parasomnias Irshaad O. Ebrahim and Colin Shapiro; Part I. Disorders of Arousal: 11. Confusional arousals Gregory Stores; 12. Sleepwalking Antonio Zadra and Jacques Montplaisir; 13. Sleep terrors Christian Guilleminault and Meredith Broderic; Part II. Parasomnias Usually Associated with REM Sleep: 14. REM sleep behavior disorder Raffaele Manni and Terzaghi Michele; 15. Recurrent isolated sleep paralysis James Allen Cheyne; 16. Nightmare disorder Michael Schredl; Part III. Other Parasomnias: 17. Sleep related dissociative disorders Christina J. Calamaro and Thornton B. Mason II; 18. Sleep enuresis Oliviero Bruni, Luana Novelli, Elena Finotti and Ferri Raffaele; 19. Sleep related groaning (Catathrenia) Roberto Vetrugno and Giuseppe Plazzi; 20. Sleep-related hallucinations and exploding head syndrome Michael H. Silber and Satish Rao; 21. Sleep-related eating disorder John W. Winkelman and Jessica Saunders; Part IV. Sleep-Related Movement Disorders and Other Variants: 22. Restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movements Richard P. Allen; 23. Sleep starts Sudhansu Chokroverty and Divya Gupta; 24. Fragmentary myoclonus Pasquale Montagna; 25. Sleep related leg cramps Renee Monderer and Michael Thorpy; 26. Sleep related bruxism Nelly Huynh; 27. Propriospinal myoclonus Giuseppe Plazzi; 28. Sleep related rhythmic movement disorder Timothy F. Hoban; 29. Nocturnal panic attacks Ravi Singareddy and Thomas W. Uhde; 30. Sleep-related epilepsy Carl W. Bazil; Part V. Therapy of Parasomnias: 31. Pharmacotherapy and parasomnias Rafael Pelayo and Srivastava Deepti; 32. Behavioral and psychiatric treatment of parasomnias Shelby Harris and Michael Thorpy; 33. Hypnotherapy and parasomnias Gina M. Graci.


Michael J. Thorpy is Director, Sleep-Wake Disorders Center, Montefiore Medical Center and Professor of Neurology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York, USA. Giuseppe Plazzi is Assistant Professor of Neurology, Universit... di Bologna and Chief of the Sleep Laboratory, Dipartimento di Scienze Neurologiche, Universit... di Bologna, Bologna, Italy.


"This is a good reference for practicing sleep clinicians and will likely serve as a helpful reference for sleep researchers." --Doody's Review Service
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