The Evolution of the Human Mind: From Supernaturalism to Naturalism: An Anthropological Perspective

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Macaulay was one of the great English historians of the 19th century. This book presents the chapter on English society and culture in the year 1685 from his famous five-volume "History of England from the Accession of James II". The substantial introduction covers Macaulay's life and his contributions to English history, politics, and letters.


Chapter 1. The Emergence of the Supernatural
Chapter 2. The Spirit World Elaborates
Chapter 3. Origin Myths: Accounting for Things as They Are
Chapter 4. The Life of the Soul After Death
Chapter 5. The Later History of Soul Beliefs
Chapter 6. The Birth and Evolution of the Gods
Chapter 7. The Rise of Scientific Thinking Chapter 8 The Impact of the Physical Sciences
Chapter 9. The Attenuation of the Concept of God
Chapter 10. The Rise and Demise of Idealist Philosophy
Chapter 11. The Expansion of Naturalism
Chapter 12. The Coming of Evolution
Chapter 13. The Impact of Evolution
Chapter 14. The Religious Views of Charles Darwin
Chapter 15. The Twin Specters of Atheism and Materialism
Chapter 16. Vitalism versus Mechanism in the Interpretation of Life
Chapter 17. Accounting for the Origin of Life
Chapter 18. Evolution and Emergence
Chapter 19. The Diminishing Role of God in History
Chapter 20. Free Will versus Determinism
Chapter 21. The Doctrine of the Two Magesteria
Chapter 22. The Scientists Speak Up: The Theists
Chapter 23. The Scientists Speak Up: The Non-Theists
Chapter 24. Trends in Belief to the End of the Nineteenth Century
Chapter 25. Secularism and Religion Continue to Compete
Chapter 26. Current Status and Future Prospects References Index


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