Transdermal Delivery of ethosomal aceclofenac

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Januar 2014



The aim of the work is to evaluate the transdermal potential of novel vesicular carrier, ethosomes, bearing aceclofenac, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs having limited transdermal permeation. Aceclofenac loaded ethosomal carriers were prepared, optimized and characterized for vesicular shape and surface morphology, scanning electronic microscopy, vesicular size, entrapment efficiency, stability, in- vitro release study.The formulation having 3% phospholipids content and 40% ethanol showing the grater entrapment and optimal average vesicle size of formulation was determine by Malvern Zetamaster & found 0.696µm and zeta potential of formulation was -6.74 mV. The vesicular suspension was kept in sealed vials (10ml) at 4 ± 2ºC and at room temperature for 45 days no change is shown in the entrapment efficiency. The optimized ethosomal formulation showed transdermal flux (226.1 µg/cm²/hr) for ethanolic drug solution which is grater then that of isopropyl alcohol solution (159.0 µg/cm²/hr). The result advocates the potential of ethosome formulation to treat rheumatic disease where facilitated penetration of the drug into muscle and synovial fluid is desirable.


Hello I am VIVEK DAVE. My area of interest is on NDDS, ODDS, TDDS.
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