Atmospheric Circulation Dynamics and General Circulation Models

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General circulation models (GCMs), which define the fundamental dynamics of atmospheric circulation, are nowadays used in various fields of atmospheric science such as weather forecasting, climate predictions and environmental estimations. The Second Edition of this renowned work has been updated to include recent progress of high resolution global modeling. It also contains for the first time aspects of high-resolution global non-hydrostatic models that the author has been studying since the publication of the first edition. Some highlighted results from the Non-hydrostatic ICosahedral Atmospheric Model (NICAM) are also included. The author outlines the theoretical concepts, simple models and numerical methods for modeling the general circulation of the atmosphere. Concentrating on the physical mechanisms responsible for the development of large-scale circulation of the atmosphere, the book offers comprehensive coverage of an important and rapidly developing technique used in the atmospheric science. Dynamic interpretations of the atmospheric structure and their aspects in the general circulation model are described step by step.


Part 1: Principle Ideas
chap1: Basic equations
chap2: Basic balances and stability
chap3: Approximations of equations
chap4: Waves
chap5: Instability
chap6: Forced motions
chap7: Eddy transport
chap8: Thermodynamics of moist air
chap9: Basic equations of moist air
chap10: Radiation process
chap11: Turbulence

Part 2: Atmospheric Structures
chap12: Global budget
chap13: Latitudinal energy balance
chap14: Vertical structure
chap15: Moist convection
chap16: Low-latitude circulations
chap17: Circulations on the sphere
chap18: Mid-latitude circulations
chap19: Global mixing

Part 3: General Circulation Modeling
chap20: Basic equations of the general circulation models
chap21: Spectral method on the sphere
chap22: Vertical discretization
chap23: Time integration
chap24: Global nonhydrostatic models
chap25: Standard experiments of atmospheric general circulation models

Appendix1: Transformation of coordinates
Appendix2: Physical constants
Appendix3: Meridional structure


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