LDA Application Methods

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August 2010



This technical book considers the application side of LDA techniques. Starting from the basic theories that are crucial for each LDA user, the main subject of the book is focused on diverse application methods. In details, it deals with universal methodical techniques that have been mostly developed in the last 15 years. The book thus gives for the first time an application reference for LDA users in improving the optical
conditions and enhancing the measurement accuracies. It also provides the guidelines for simplifying the measurements and correcting measurement errors as well as for clarifying the application limits and extending the application areas of LDA techniques. Beside the treatments of some traditional optical and flow mechanical features influencing the measurement accuracies, the book shows a broad spectrum of LDA application methods in the manner of measuring the flow turbulence, resolving the secondary flow structures, and quantifying the optical aberrations at measurements of internal flows etc.. Thus, it also supports the further developments of both the hard- and software of LDA instrumentations.


Specifications of Engineering Turbulent Flows.- LDA Principles and Laser Optics.- LDA Systems.- Basic Data Processing Methods in LDA Measurements.- Linear Transformation of Velocities and Turbulent Stresses.- Tracer Particles and Particle Motion Equations.- Zero Correlation Method (ZCM).- Dual Measurement Method (DMM).- Symmetrical Method of 3D-Velocity Measurements.- Non-stationary Turbulent Flows.- Turbulent Flow with Spatial Velocity Gradient.- Flow Measurements Behind the Plane Window: On-axis.- Flow Measurements Behind the Plane Window: Off-axis.- Flow Measurements in Circular Pipes.- Fringe Distortion Effects.- Velocity Bias Effects.- LDA Application Examples.


Dr. -Ing. Zh. Zhang graduated from the School of Energy & Power Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University (PR China) in 1981. He received his PhD at the Institute of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics of Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany). Afterwards he joined Sulzer Markets & Technology Ltd in Winterthur, Switzerland, for experimental research of engineering flows. He is currently an engineer at the Oberhasli Hydroelectric Power Company (KWO), working on hydraulic designs and optimizations of hydraulic machineries. He is the author of the monograph «Freistrahlturbinen» 2009.
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