Gravitation as a Plastic Distortion of the Lorentz Vacuum

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September 2010



Addressing graduate students and researchers in theoretical physics and mathematics, this book presents a new formulation of the theory of gravity. In the new approach the gravitational field has the same ontology as the electromagnetic, strong, and weak fields. In other words it is a physical field living in Minkowski spacetime. Some necessary new mathematical concepts are introduced and carefully explained. Then they are used to describe the deformation of geometries, the key to describing the gravitational field as a plastic deformation of the Lorentz vacuum. It emerges after further analysis that the theory provides trustworthy energy-momentum and angular momentum conservation laws, a feature that is normally lacking in General Relativity.


Introduction.- Multiforms and Extensors, Canonical and Metric Clifford Algebras.- Multiform Functions and Multiform Functionals.-Multiform and Extensor Calculus on Manifolds.- Gravitation as Plastic Disortion of the Lorentz Vacuum .- Gravitational Theory in Terms of the Potentials.- Hamiltonean Formalism.- Conclusions.-
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