Managing Coastal and Inland Waters

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Besides the erroneous assumption that tropical fisheries are 'open access', the cases demonstrate that pre-existing systems (1) are concerned with the community of fishers and ensuring community harmony and continuity; (2) involve flexible, multiple and overlapping rights adapted to changing needs and circumstances; (3) that fisheries are just one component of a community resource assemblage and depend on both the good management of linked upstream ecosystems and risk management to ensure balanced nutritional resources of the community; and (4) pre-existing systems are greatly affected by a constellation of interacting external pressures.


1. An Introduction to Pre-Existing Local Management Systems in Southeast Asia.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.2 Why Pre-Existing Systems are Overlooked.- 1.3 Geographical Distribution of Pre-Existing Fisheries Management Systems.- 1.4 Status of Information on Pre-Existing Systems in Southeast Asia.- 1.4.1 Indonesia.- 1.4.2 Laos.- 1.4.3 Philippines.- 1.4.4 Thailand.- 1.4.5 Vietnam.- 1.5 Management Functions and Approaches.- 1.6 Basic Design Principles of Pre-Existing Systems.- 1.6.1 Authority or Leadership.- 1.6.2 Rights.- 1.6.3 Rules.- 1.6.4 Monitoring, Accountability & Enforcement.- 1.6.5 Sanctions.- 1. 7 Success Stories.- 1.8 Contents of this Book.- 1.9 References.- 2. Pre-Existing Fisheries Management Systems in Indonesia, Focusing on Lombok and Maluku.- 2.1 Introduction.- 2.2 The Awig-Awig of North Lombok.- 2.2.1 The Sawen System.- 2.2.2 Awig-Awig: Revitalization of Sawen.- The Protection of Marine Fisheries Resources: Fishers' Council of Northern Lombok.- Prevention of Destructive Fishing Practices: The Awig-Awig Sari Laut, Bayan Sub-District.- Coral Reef Management and Prohibiting Destructive Fishing.- 2.3 The Maluku Case.- 2.3.1 Petuanan Laut.- 2.3.2 Sasi.- An Interpretation of Sasi.- 2.4 Institutional Performance.- 2.4.1 Clearly Defined Territorial Boundary.- 2.4.2 Legitimacy and Enforceability of Rules .- 2.4.3 Monitoring.- 2.4.4 Graduated Sanctions.- 2.4.5 Legitimate Authority.- 2.5 National Policy on Pre-Existing Fisheries Management.- 2.6 Conclusions.- 2.7 References.- 3. Open To All? Reassessing Capture Fisheries Tenure Systems in Southern Laos.- 3.1 Introduction.- 3.1.1 The Tragedy of The Commons.- 3.2. The Fisheries.- 3.2.1: Fence-Filter (Tone) and Wing Traps (Li) in The Mekong River.- 3.2.2 Khone Falls Tone Trap Fishery.- 3.2.3 Khone Falls Li Fishery.- 3.2.4 Khone Falls Tone and Li Tenure.- 3.2.5 Fence-Filter Trap (Tone) and Wing-Trap (Li) Fishing Along Seasonal and Perennial Streams.- Stream Tone and LiFisheries.- Stream Tone and Li Tenure.- 3.2.6 Pit-Trap (Loum Pa) Fishing in Swamps.- Pit-Trap Tenure.- 3.3 The Nature of Tenure and Governance.- 3.4 Conclusions.- 3.5 Acknowledgements.- 3.6 References.- 4. Seasonal Ritual and the Regulation of Fishing In Batanes Province, Philippines.- 4.1 Introduction.- 4.2 Indigenous or 'Pre-Existing' Marine Resources Property Rights Regimes in The Philippines.- 4.2.1 The Tagbanua Model.- 4.2.2 The Visayan Fishers' Model.- 4.2.3 The Mataw Fishers of Batanes Province.- The Vanua as Meaningful Unit of Organization.- Inside the Vanua: Leadership, 'Laws' And Ritual Regulation of Seasonal Fishing Activities.- The Fishing Schedule and the Community Economy.- 4.3 Conclusion.- 4.4 Acknowledgements.- 4.5 References.- 5. Pre-Existing Inland Fisheries Management in Thailand: The Case of the Lower Songkhram River Basin.- 5.1 Introduction.- 5.1.1 The Lower Songkhram River Basin.- 5.1.2 Fisheries in the LSRB.- 5.1.3 Occupation and Dependency on Fisheries.- 5.1.4 Fisheries Household Economics.- 5.1.5 Fishers' Perception of the Condition of Fisheries Resources.- 5.2 Property Rights System in Fisheries Management in the LSRB.- 5.2.1 Customary Rights Over Fishing Grounds.- 5.2.2 Returning Rights from Private to Common Property in Barrage Fishing.- 5.2.3 The Barrage Fishery: Local Institutions Governing a Common Property.- 5.2.4 Conflict Between Local and Legal Rights in Fisheries Management.- 5.2.5 Degree of Traditional of Collective Action and Decision Making.- 5.3 Fishers' Perception of Collective Action and Responsibility for Fisheries Management.- 5.3.1 Attitudes of Fishers Toward Leadership.- 5.3.2 Customary Rules: Community Management of Fisheries Resources.- Local Communities Establish Local Fishery Rules to Manage Community Ponds.- Local Community Establishment of Fish Conservation Zones.- 5.4 Conclusion.- 5.5 Acknowledgements.- 5.6 References.- 6. Vietnam: The Van Chai
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