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Mai 2010



The main focus of this study was to investigate how students and parents appreciate Learning Management System. ÖBS which can be called a simple LMS application was selected for this study. One of the important findings is that parents do not want to use ÖBS as a communication device, especially as an informing agent. This perspective of parents, which does not regard ÖBS as an informing system, reveals that they are aware of the possible drawbacks of ÖBS while using it. So,from student`s perspective there is no situation like "Big brother is watching you" (Orwell, 1949) .


R.Serdar Balki,Studied Math and Science Education in Bogazici University. Manager at Serdar BALKI Egitim ve Danismanlik,ISTANBUL
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Untertitel: Student and Parent Appraisal of Learning Management System in a Private School in Istanbul. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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