2.4GHz Self-Organized Sensor Network

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Mai 2010



This paper is mainly to solve a real problem, which is big area temperature measurement. Short range telecom technology is used to build a self-organized sensor network to support system connections. Chipcon CC2510 RF solution as the main components is used to assemble the devices. The essence of the project is protocol stack design and implementation. A Self-Adapted Network protocol stack (SAN) for sensor network is built in the system. This protocol stack offers following features: Self-organization, Self-configuration and Self-reconfiguration, Self-healing, Self-optimization In the case that the self-organized sensor network protocol is still on the research step around the world, no standardized network topology or protocol is released. This project is a good shot in sensor network area.


Bachelor of Engineering. Grown in the Ice city of China, Harbin. Graduated from Vaasa University of Applied Science with Telecommunication Engineering and Embedded System Design.
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