Universal Design Handbook, 2e

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This is a fully updated, one-stop reference to designing products and facilities for the elderly, disabled, and children.


Part 1. Premises and Perspectives;
Chapter 1. Universal Design: An Evolving Paradigm;
Chapter 2. Toward Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability;
Chapter 3. Universal Design and the Majority World;
Part 2. Principles, Standards, and Guidelines;
Chapter 4. The Principles of Universal Design;
Chapter 5. United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
Chapter 6. U.S. Accessibility Codes and Standards: Challenges for Universal Design;
Chapter 7. The ADA and Accessibility: Interpretations in U.S. Courts;
Chapter 8. Life Safety Standards and Guidelines;
Chapter 9. The Universal Design Thesaurus: Creating a Descriptive Language for Our Field;
Part 3. International Perspectives;
Chapter 10. Norway's Planning Approach to Implement Universal Design;
Chapter 11. The Impact of Aging on Japanese Accessibility Standards;
Chapter 12. The Evolution of Design for All in Public Buildings and Transportation in France;
Chapter 13. Manifestations of Universal Design in Germany;
Chapter 14. Writing Poetry Rather Than Structuring Grammar: Notes for the Development of Universal Design in Brazil;
Chapter 15. Accessible Design in Italy;
Chapter 16. Planning Accessibility in the Old City of Jerusalem;
Part 4. Public Spaces, Private Spaces, Products, and Technologies; SECTION 1: PUBLIC SPACES;
Chapter 17. Creating an Accessible Public Realm;
Chapter 18. A Capital Planning Approach to ADA Implementation in Public Educational Institutions;
Chapter 19. Universal Design in Mass Transportation;
Chapter 20. Universal Design at the Urban Scale;
Chapter 21. Designing Inclusive Experiences;
Chapter 22. Outdoor Play Settings: An Inclusive Approach;
Chapter 23. Office and Workplace Design; SECTION 2: PRIVATE SPACES;
Chapter 24. Universal Housing: A Critical Component of a Sustainable Community;
Chapter 25. The Evolution of Universal Design in Housing in the United States: Toward Visibility and Pattern Books;
Chapter 26. A Home for the Next 50 Years: Remodeling for Again Baby Boomers Demonstrates Universal Design in Arts and Crafts Detailing;
Chapter 27. The Sensory House;
Chapter 28. Diversity and Equality in Housing: Designing the Arkansas Proto-House; SECTION 3: PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGIES;
Chapter 29. Selling Builders and Remodelers on Universal Design;
Chapter 30. Universal Bathrooms;
Chapter 31. Universal Design of Automobiles;
Chapter 32. Universal Design of Products;
Chapter 33. Accessibility of the World Wide Web: Technical and Policy Perspectives;
Chapter 34. Universal Design in Media;
Chapter 35. Digital Content for Individuals with Print Disabilities;
Part 5. Education and Research;
Chapter 36. Inclusive Design Research Initiatives at the Royal College of Art;
Chapter 37. An International Web-Based Collection of Universal Design Examplars;
Chapter 38. Toward Universal Design Performance Assessments;
Chapter 39. Universal Design for Learning in the College Classroom;
Chapter 40. Camp Aldersgate: A New Model for Architectural Education;
Chapter 41. Are Retrofitted Wheelchair Entries Separate and Unequal;
Chapter 42. Guidepaths in Buildings;
Chapter 43. Redefining Design and Disability: A Person-Environment Fit Model;
Part 6. The Past and Future of Universal Design;
Chapter 44. The Rhinoceros Syndrome: A Contrarian View of Universal Design;
Part 7. Epilogue;
Chapter 45. My Story; Index


Wolfgang Preiser (Cincinnati, OH) is Professor of Architecture at the University of Cincinnati and founder of Architectural Research Consultants and Planning research Institute, both in Albuquerque, NM.
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