Conversando en Ingles = Conversing in English

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Learn to converse in English like a native speaker!
Conversando en inglés helps you quickly develop fluency in English by showing you how to incorporate basic grammar patterns into everyday conversational skills. Instead of long and tedious explanations of English grammar, you get at-a-glance diagrams, and new vocabulary is presented phonetically and grouped by topic.
It also includes an audio recording to improve your English pronunciation and comprehension by listening to life-like, practical dialogues. This 25-minute recording includes all 19 of the book's engaging and instructive conversations.
  • Dialogues based on everyday situations and practical exercises reinforce grammar and vocabulary
  • A final comprehensive exam helps readers check their progress
  • Helpful answer key
Topics include: Wish, Do, Does, Don't, Doesn't, Want to, Am, Is, Are, To Be, Am, Is, Are, Ing, Was, Were, To Be, Was, Were, Ing, To Be/Haber, Am, Is, Are, Going To, Let's, Can, Could, Will Be, To Be, Will, Did, Did Not, Used To, Would, May, Might, Must, Should, Ought To, Have, Has, Had, If, I Wish, If I Had...I Would Have, Must Have, Should Have, Ought To Have, May Have, Might Have, Could Have


Wish / Do, Does, Don't, Doesn't / Want to / Am, Is, Are, To Be / Am, Is, Are, Ing / Was, Were, To Be / Was, Were, Ing / To Be/Haber / Am, Is, Are, Going To / Let's / Can / Could / Will Be, To Be / Will / Did, Did Not / Used To / Would / May / Might / Must / Should / Ought To / Have, Has / Had / If / I Wish / If I Had...I Would Have / Must Have / Should Have / Ought To Have / May Have, Might Have, Could Have


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