Writing & Speaking at Work: A Practical Guide for Business Communication

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The practical advice needed to improve writing and speaking skills for the workplace.
Writing & Speaking at Work "delivers practical insight and instruction to help readers become effective communicators no matter where their careers may take them. Instead of detailing the various communications theories, this text focuses on the two critical communication needs of business people: writing and speaking.
The fifth edition features a new chapter on how to prepare executive summaries.


Part I: Writing Chapter 1: What is Good Writing? Chapter 2: Developing a Good Style Chapter 3: Using Examples and Comparisons Chapter 4: Making Your Page Look Inviting Chapter 5: Making Your Main Point Easy to Find Chapter 6: Preparing Executive Summaries Chapter 7: Illustrating Your Ideas Chapter 8: Getting Beyond Periods and Commas Chapter 9: Learning Common Sense Rules Chapter 10: Making the Most of Email Chapter 11: Writing for the Web Chapter 12: Preparing a Resume and Cover Letter Chapter 13: Documenting Your Sources Part II: Speaking Chapter 14: What is Business Speaking? Chapter 15: Using Good Techniques of Delivery Chapter 16: Developing a Clear Structure Chapter 17: Designing Visual Aids Chapter 18: Giving a Presentation Using a Computer Chapter 19: Rehearsing, Setting Up the Room, and Overcoming Nervousness Chapter 20: Preparing an Annotated Presentation
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