On Location 3: Reading and Writing for Success in the Content Areas

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April 2005



An ideal on-ramp to state-adopted and core series that enhances and accelerates academic skill development from the newcomer to intermediate levels."On Location" is a four-level reading and writing supplemental series that provides and enrichment - rather than a remedial - approach to language and literacy development. "On Location" gives students the time they need to develop powerful academic reading, writing, and communication skills.This is the intermediate level student book.


On Location 3 Reading and Writing for Success in the Content Areas Unit 1: I'll Never Forget... Unit 2: Loud and Ugly Unit 3: Surviving Homework Unit 4: Ancient Worlds Unit 5: Who's Smarter... Cats or Dogs? Unit 6: How to Make Really Neat Stuff Unit 7: What Were the 1960's Like, Grandpa? Unit 8: Pro or Con? Unit 9: I Can't Put it Down! Unit 10: The Perfect Storm
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Untertitel: 'On Location'. Sprache: Englisch.
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