The Thirty Years War: A Sourcebook

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"This is an original work, one that stimulates further reflection on the social as a crucial concept in both sociology and philosophy. Pyyhtinen has certainly brought the social alive for a contemporary audience." -- David Frisby, Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science, UKA book of translated sources on the Thirty Years War (1618-48), providing students with easily accessible source material on this destructive conflict. Using relevant and highly varied sources, it gives a comprehensive overview of the war and its impact, from both political and religious perspectives, on Europe and the Holy Roman Empire.


List of Maps and Figures
Political and Religious Tension in the Empire after 1555
Confessional Polarisation? Protestant Union and Catholic League
Crisis in the Habsburg Monarchy
The Bohemian Revolt and its Aftermath
Spain and the Netherlands
The War in Western and Northern Germany 1621-9
The Catholic Ascendancy
The Edict of Restitution
Swedish Intervention
The Destruction of Magdeburg, 1631
Sweden's Search for Security and Reward, 1631-5
Wallenstein's Second Generalship 1632-4
The Peace of Prague, 1635
War and Politics, 1635-40
Military Organisation and the War Economy
Peace Making 1641-8
The Peace of Westphalia
Peace Implementation, Celebration and Commemoration
Guide to Further Reading


Peter H. Wilson


'This book is a superb and unique means of introducing newcomers to the political and military events that shaped the course of the war. It is the rare example of a user-friendly, single-volume edition of primary sources that covers all aspects of one of the most important and protracted wars in early modern Europe.' - Michael Schaich, Research Fellow and Head Librarian, German Historical Institute, London
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