European Cinema in Motion: Migrant Diasporic Film in Contemporary Europe

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August 2010



This collection brings together international experts on the cinema of migration and diaspora in postcolonial and postnational Europe. It offers a comprehensive theoretical and analytical discussion of a highly productive creative sector and documents the spectrum of this area of exploration in European, transnational and World Cinema studies.


Acknowledgements Introduction Locating Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe; D.Berghahn & C.Sternberg Migration and Cinematic Process in Post-Cold War Europe; D.Iordanova State and Other Funding for Migrant, Diasporic and World Cinemas in Europe; A.Jackel Nostalgic Journeys in Post-Soviet Cinema: Towards a Lost Home?; B.Beumers Transculturation in German and Spanish Migrant and Diasporic Cinema: On Constrained Spaces and Minor Intimacies in Princesses and A Little Bit of Freedom; E.G.Rodriguez The Dark Side of Hybridity: Contemporary Black and Asian British Cinema; S.Malik Body Matters: Immigrants in Recent Spanish, Italian and Greek Cinemas; I.Santaolalla Gendering Diaspora: The Work of Diasporic Women Filmmakers in Western Europe; C.Tarr Queering the Diaspora; J.S.Williams Sound Bridges: Transnational Mobility as Ironic Melodrama; D.Gokturk Coming of Age in 'the Hood': The Diasporic Youth Film and Questions of Genre; D.Berghahn Migration, Diaspora and Metacinematic Reflection; C.Sternberg Future Imperfect: Some Onward Perspectives on Migrant and Diasporic Film Practice; G.Jones Filmography Index


Edited By Daniela Berghahn and Claudia Sternberg


'An important contribution filled with original work and insightful analyses.' - Randall Halle, Klaus W. Jonas Professor of German Film and Cultural Studies, University of Pittsburgh, USA
'A welcome addition to European cinema studies and a timely contribution to the growing fields of diasporic, migrant and transnational cinemas. This thought-provoking collection, which manages to be both diverse and coherent, will be consulted for years to come.' - Elizabeth Ezra, Professor of Cinema and Culture, University of Stirling, UK
'The editors' avowed awareness of the conceptual problems inherent in their terms and definitions, together with their thorough review of current debates and the contributors' own engaging analyses, provide this book with the potential to open up alluring research avenues across disciplinary and textual boundaries.' - Journal of Contemporary European Studies
'This volume offers a unique contribution to migration debates ... the editors provide an excellent overview of well- and lesser-known European films dealing with migration and multiculturalism.' - Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
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