Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace

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Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace, 5e by Beamer and Varner addresses the issues of culture and communication within the context of international business. The text provides examples of how cultural values and practices impact business communication. The authors explore the relationships among the cultural environments of the firm and the structure of the firm. They examine how companies and individuals communicate, and concentrate on the underlying cultural reasons for behavior. This approach helps readers develop an ability to work successfully within an environment of cultural diversity both at home and abroad.


Chapter 1 Culture and Communication Chapter 2 The Role of Language in Intercultural Business Communication Chapter 3 Getting to Know Another Culture Chapter 4 The Self and Groups Chapter 5 Organising Messages to Other Cultures Chapter 6 Nonverbal Language in Intercultural Communication Chapter 7 Cultural Rules for Establishing Relationships Chapter 8 Information, Decisions and Solutions Chapter 9 Intercultural Negotiation Teams Chapter 10 Legal and Governmental Considerations in Intercultural Business Communication Chapter 11 The Influence of Business Structures and Corporate Culture on Intercultural Business Communication Chapter 12 Intercultural Dynamics in the International Company Appendix
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