Everyday Quantum Reality

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Most people have heard about quantum physics and its remarkable, well-nigh bizarre claims. And most people would assume that quantum realitydescribes a world quite different from ours. In this book, David A. Grandy showsthat one can find quantum puzzles, or variations thereof, in the backyard ofeveryday experience. What disappears in transferring quantum theory to the everydayis the theory's mathematical formalism, but that need not imply a loss of analyticrigor. If quantum reality is truly as elemental and ubiquitous as many thinkerssuggest, then alternative or complementary perspectives ought to be possible, andwith the proliferation of such perspectives, a more fully rounded understanding ofquantum reality -- and everyday reality -- might emerge. Everyday Quantum Reality isa step in that direction.


Preface; Acknowledgements Introduction; 1. Quantum Uncertainty; 2. Wave-Particle Duality; 3. Two Everyday Analogues; 4. The Double-Slit Experiment; 5. Double-Slit Analogues; 6. Everyday Superposition; 7. The Witness of Music; 8. Everyday Relationality; 9. Observer-Created Reality; 10. Wide-Open Reality; 11. Nonlocality; 12. Quantum Play, Quantum Sorrow Notes; Bibliography; Index


David A. Grandy is Professor of Philosophy at Brigham Young University and author of The Speed of Light (IUP, 2009); Leo Szilard: Science as a Mode of Being; and (with Dan Burton) Magic, Mystery, and Science (IUP, 2004).


"Far from being completely counterintuitive and beyond our experience, the findings of quantum physics have many analogs in everyday life, which we have simply not seen because of the grip of the classical worldview on our thinking... Everyday Quantum Reality makes an important and original argument." Alexander Wendt, author of Social Theory of International Politics
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