Guard Wars: The 28th Infantry Division in World War II

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An inventive study of relations between the National Guard and theRegular Army during World War II, Guard Wars follows the Pennsylvania NationalGuard's 28th Infantry Division from its peacetime status through training and intocombat in Western Europe. The broader story, spanning the years 1939--1945, shedslight on the National Guard, the U.S. Army, and American identities and prioritiesduring the war years. Michael E. Weaver carefully tracks the division's difficulttransformation into a combat-ready unit and highlights General Omar Bradley'sextraordinary capacity for leadership -- which turned the Pennsylvanians from theleast capable to one of the more capable units, a claim dearly tested in the Battleof the H rtgen Forest. This absorbing and informative analysis chronicles thenation's response to the extreme demands of a world war, and the flexibility itsleaders and soldiers displayed in the chaos of combat.


List of Maps; Acknowledgments 1. Introduction: Background and Issues; 2. Relations with the Army and State Identity; 3. Readiness and Training: 19391941; 4. Peacetime Maneuvers: 19391941; 5. The Pennsylvania National Guard and American Society; 6. Social Class, Recruiting, and Ideology; 7. The October Purge; 8. Stateside Training: 19421943; 9. Training in Wales: 19431944; 10. From Normandy to the West Wall; 11. Battle of the Hurtgen Forest: A Leadership Failure; 12. Battle of the Bulge: Stubbornness and Flexibility; 13. Winter Battles; 14. Conclusion Appendix 1: The Execution of Private Slovik; Appendix 2: The Reestablishment of the Pennsylvania National Guard; Notes; Bibliography; Index


Michael E. Weaver is Associate Professor of Comparative Military History at the U.S. Air Force Air Command and Staff College.


"A significant contribution to understanding how the U.S. Army organized, trained, and prepared for war." Edward G. Miller, author of Nothing Less than Full Victory: Americans at War in Europe, 1944-1945 "Michael E. Weaver's Guard Wars does a fine job of bringing the Twenty-Eighth Infantry Division to life. The book begins by focusing on the National Guards' relationship with the regular army as well as the division's interaction with Pennsylvania society and institutions... Overall, Guard Wars is an insightful study of a National Guard division in World War Two. Weaver does not limit himself to the Twenty-Eighth Infantry Division's role in combat, but instead spends half of the book investigating the "Bloody Buckets" training and its influence on Pennsylvania society. The book is well researched and heavily cited." - Alex Lovelace, H-War, August 2012
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