Russian Colonial Society in Tashkent, 1865-1923

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This intensively researched urban study dissects Russian Imperial andearly Soviet rule in Islamic Central Asia from the diverse viewpoints of tsaristfunctionaries, Soviet bureaucrats, Russian workers, and lower-class women as well asMuslim notables and Central Asian traders. Jeff Sahadeo's stimulating analysisreveals how political, social, cultural, and demographic shifts altered the natureof this colonial community from the tsarist conquest of 1865 to 1923, when Bolshevikauthorities subjected the region to strict Soviet rule. In addition to placing thebuilding of empire in Tashkent within a broader European context, Sahadeo's accountmakes an important contribution to understanding the cultural impact of empire onRussia's periphery.


Acknowledgments; Note on Transliteration Introduction; Prologue: Tashkent before the Russians and the Dynamics of Conquest; 1. Ceremonies, Construction, and Commemoration; 2. Educated Society, Identity, and Nationality; 3. Unstable Boundaries: The Colonial Relationship and the 1892 "Cholera Riot"; 4. Migration, Class, and Colonialism; 5. The Predicaments of "Progress," 1905-1914; 6. War, Empire, and Society, 1914-1916; 7. Exploiters or Exploited? Russian Workers and Colonial Rule, 1917-1918; 8. "Under a Soviet Roof": City, Country, and Center, 1918-1923; Conclusion Glossary; Notes; Bibliography; Index


Jeff Sahadeo is Associate Professor of European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies and Political Science at Carleton University in Ottawa. He is editor (with Russell Zanca) of Everyday Life in Central Asia (IUP, 2007).


"A powerful picture of the cultural impact of empire on Russia's periphery... Highly recommended." Choice "Gives the reader an intriguing portrait of the city during some of its key historical moments." Transitions Online "A very rich, very intelligent study." Journal of Modern History "A welcome and important contribution to historical scholarship... Sahadeo's book illuminates issues of identity and rule that remain relevant today." Far Eastern Economic Review "This excellent book ... provide[s] a vivid picture of a new, brash but insecure colonial capital existing alongside and often in conflict with an ancient Muslim culture." Steppe
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