Security, Citizenship and Human Rights: Shared Values in Uncertain Times

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September 2010



Security, Citizenship and Human Rights examines counter-terrorism, immigration, citizenship, human rights, 'equalities' and the shifting discourses of 'shared values' and human rights in contemporary Britain. The book argues that British citizenship and human rights policy is being remade and remoulded around public security and that this process could be detrimental to 'our' sense of citizenship, shared values and commitment to human rights.


Preface Introduction: Value Trouble Pre-emptive Securities - Border Controls and Preventative Counter-Terrorism Building a Consensus on 'National Security': Terrorism, Human Rights and 'Core Values' Restoring Public Confidence - Managed Migration, Racialization and Earned Citizenship Security, Citizenship and Responsibilities - Debates on a Bill of Rights in the UK Belonging Together or Belonging to the Polity? Shared Values, Britishness and Patriotism Patriots of the Present and the Future - Ethical Solidarity and Equalities in Uncertain Times Afterword


Derek McGhee


'This important and timely book offers a highly perceptive analysis of the recent British debate on citizenship and national identity. It skilfully exposes the way in which the debate is distorted by conceptual confusion and exaggerated security fears, and provides a wise and well-argued alternative with great relevance to all culturally diverse societies.' - Professor Lord Bhikhu Parekh, House of Lords, UK
'[A] powerful book. Tracking emergent discourses of 'public' safety and security...McGhee shows the role of rights in covering over a certain 'value trouble' - in which the contents and constraints of British national values can be seen to be in crisis. [The book] provides a lens through which to assess not just the post 9-11 context but also the proud liberalism of fear embraced by Judith Shklar, and endorsed by realists such as Geuss and Williams.' - Bonnie Honig, Author of Democracy and the Foreigner, Emergency Politics
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