Traffic Enforcement and Crash Investigation

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August 2010



For courses in Traffic Enforcement and Crash Investigation.

The first of its kind, this book presents comprehensive traffic related material that new police officers need to know. From the history of traffic laws to future trends, it helps officers understand the basic elements of traffic enforcement and crash investigation. Beyond just a traffic law manual, it includes social and ethical issues and hot topics such as dealing with official misconduct, quotas, tolerances and officer discretion. Its strong coverage of DUIs and up-to-date guidelines help prepare officers for one of their primary responsibilities: traffic enforcement, DUI enforcement and crash related investigations.


SECTION 1: TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT 1. Growth and Development of Motor Vehicles 2. Purposes and Methods of Traffic Enforcement 3. Discretion, Ethics and Professional Conduct in Traffic Enforcement 4. Licensing and Registering Drivers and Motor Vehicles 5. Traffic Law, Part One 6. Traffic Law, Part Two SECTION II-DUI INVESTIGATION AND ENFORCEMENT 7. Alcohol: Its Historical Background and the Present Day Struggle Against the Impaired Driver 8. Detection and Enforcement Action Against the Impaired Driver 9. Field Sobriety Testing for Suspected Impaired Drivers 10. The Arrest and Processing of DUI Offenders 11. Courtroom Preparation and Presentation SECTION III: CRASH INVESTIGATIONS 12. Responding to a Crash Scene 13. Interviewing Witnesses and Note-Taking at Crash Scenes 14. Effective Documentation, Diagramming and Report Writing 15. Current and Future Trends in Traffic Enforcement and Crash Investigation
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