Nordic Exposures: Scandinavian Identities in Classical Hollywood Cinema

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Oktober 2010



Nordic Exposures explores how Scandinavian whiteness and ethnicity functioned in classical Hollywood cinema between and during the two world wars.


Acknowledgements Introduction 1.Racializing Vinland: The Nordic conquest of whiteness in Technicolor's The Viking; 2. Scandinavian/American whiteface: Ethnic whiteness in Victor Sjostrom's He who gets slapped; 3. Hotel Imperial: The border crossings of Mauritz Stiller; 4. Garbo talks!: Scandinavians, the talkies revolution and the crisis of foreign voice; 5. Charlie Chan is Swedish: The Asian racial masquerades and Nordic otherness of Warner Oland; 6. Two-faced women: Hollywood's and Third Reich cinema's war for the Nordic female star Conclusion Notes; Bibliography; Index


Arne Lunde is assistant professor of Scandinavian studies at UCLA.


"An engaging series of case studies that enlarge what we know about immigrant labor in Hollywood; enrich our understanding of the representational history of Scandinavian (hyper)-whiteness, off-whiteness and probationary whiteness; and constitute elucidations of one of the most racially taken-for-granted categories in popular culture" Diane Negra, University College Dublin "Nordic exposures introduces an entirely new dimension to the study of Scandinavians in America while also challenging American cultural assumptions and stereotypes about Scandinavians. Lunde demonstrates how cinema can categorise but then quickly challenge ideological presumptions." Terje I Leiren, University of Washington
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