Kierkegaard and the Catholic Tradition: Conflict and Dialogue

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Although S ren Kierkegaard, considered one of the most passionateChristian writers of the modern age, was a Lutheran, he was deeply dissatisfied withthe Lutheran establishment of his day. Some scholars have said that he pushed hisfaith toward Catholicism. Placing Kierkegaard in sustained dialogue with theCatholic tradition, Jack Mulder, Jr., does not simply review Catholic reactions toor interpretations of Kierkegaard, but rather provides an extended look intoconvergences and differences on issues such as natural theology, natural moral law, Christian love, apostolic authority, the doctrine of hell, contrition for sins, thedoctrine of purgatory, and the communion of saints. Through his analysis ofKierkegaard's philosophy of religion, Mulder presents deeper possibilities forengagements between Protestantism and Catholicism.


Acknowledgments; List of Abbreviations and Frequently Cited Works Introduction Part 1. Nature and Grace 1. Kierkegaard and Natural Reason: A Catholic Encounter; 2. Is Abraham a Hero? The Natural Law and a Problem in Fear and Trembling; 3. The Order of Love: The Love of Preference in Kierkegaard and the Catholic Tradition; 4. The Catholic Moment? Apostolic Authority in Kierkegaard and the Catholic Tradition Part 2. Sin, Justification, and Community 5. Must All Be Saved? A Kierkegaardian-Catholic Response to Theological Universalism; 6. On Being Afraid of Hell: Kierkegaard and Catholicism on Imperfect Contrition; 7. The Sickness unto Life: Justification in Kierkegaard and the Question of Purgatory; 8. Kierkegaard and the Communion of Saints Conclusion Notes; Bibliography; Index


Jack Mulder, Jr., is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Hope College. He is author of Mystical and Buddhist Elements in Kierkegaard s Religious Thought."


"There have been many comments made about Kierkegaard and Catholicism by various writers, but this is the first serious look at the places where there may be coherence and where there is tension." C. Stephen Evans, Baylor University
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