Religious Revival in the Tibetan Borderlands

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November 2010



This full-length study of the Premi, the first in a language other than Chinese, makes a valuable contribution to our ethnographic knowledge of Southwest China, as well as to our understanding of contemporary Chinese religious and cultural politics.


Foreword by Stevan Harrell; Preface; Acknowledgments; On Language and Orthography Map of Research Area in Southwest China; Map of Bustling Township introduction; 1 Muli: The Political Integration of a Lama Kingdom; 2 A Bustling Township: A Muli Township in the Post-Mao Era; 3 The Premi House: Ritual and Relatedness; 4 Premi Cosmology: Ritual and the State; 5 Modernity in Yunnan: Religion and the Pumizu; Conclusion Epilogue; Glossary; Notes; Bibliography; Index


Koen Wellens is a researcher in the China Program of the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights at the University of Oslo.


"A much-welcomed book on the topic of religious revival in reform-era China and on the Premi people, as well as on the broader themes of identity politics and the politics of incorporation." Adam Yuet Chau, University of Cambridge
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