Beyond Dolby (Stereo): Cinema in the Digital Sound Age

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November 2010



Since digital surround sound technology first appeared in cinemas 20years ago, it has spread from theaters to homes and from movies to television, music, and video games. Yet even as 5.1 has become the standard for audiovisualmedia, its impact has gone unexamined. Drawing on works from the past two decades, as well as dozens of interviews with sound designers, mixers, and editors, MarkKerins uncovers how 5.1 surround has affected not just sound design, butcinematography and editing as well. Beyond Dolby (Stereo) includes detailed analysesof Fight Club, The Matrix, Hairspray, Disturbia, The Rock, Saving Private Ryan, andJoy Ride, among other films, to illustrate the value of a truly audiovisual approachto cinema studies.


Acknowledgments; Introduction Part 1. Production and Style 1. Cinema's Hidden Multi-channel History and the Origins of Digital Surround; 2. The Sound of 5.1: Aural Aesthetics; 3. The Look of 5.1: Visual Aesthetics; 4. Decoding the Digital Surround Style; 5. Using the Digital Surround Style Part 2. Analysis 6. Studying Multi-channel Soundtracks; 7. Studying Image/Sound Interactions Part 3. Theory 8. Body and Voice; 9. Apparatus Theory; 10. The Real and the Symbolic Conclusion: Media and Media Studies in the Digital Surround Age Appendix A: Timeline of Common Sound Exhibition Formats; Appendix B: Film Sound Personnel Cited Notes; Bibliography; Filmography; Index


Mark Kerins is Assistant Professor of Cinema-Television in the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University.


"A breakthrough in film sound scholarship. Kerins does a masterful job of chronicling the complex history, theory, and production considerations associated with digital surround sound... [His] work fills a gap in the sound field, while providing an essential contribution to cinema studies, cultural studies, and new media scholarship." William Whittington, University of Southern California
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