Test-Driven JavaScript Development

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"An essential reference for the social web, present and future... a must-have for making your website known on the social graph." -- Joshua Gross, president, Cortex Creations, LLC

For JavaScript developers working on increasingly large and complex projects, effective automated testing is crucial to success. Test-Driven JavaScript Development isa complete, best-practice guide to agile JavaScript testing and quality assurance with the Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology. Leading agile JavaScript developer Christian Johansen covers all aspects of applying state-of-the-art automated testing in JavaScript environments, walking readers through the entire development lifecycle, from project launch to application deployment, and beyond.

Using real-life examples driven by unit tests, Johansen shows how to use test-driven development (TDD) principles to gain greater confidence in your code base, so you can fearlessly refactor and build more robust, maintainable, and reliable JavaScript code at lower cost. Throughout, he addresses crucial issues ranging from code design to performance optimization, offering realistic solutions for developers, QA specialists, testers, and other software professionals.

Coverage includes
  • Understanding the concepts of automated tests, TDD, and unit testing
  • Building effective automated testing workflows
  • Choosing the right unit testing framework for your needs
  • Writing more modular and testable code
  • Testing code for both browsers and servers (using Node.js)
  • Using TDD to build cleaner APIs, better modularized code, and more robust software
  • Using test stubs and mocks to test units in isolation
  • Continuously improving code through refactoring
  • Walking through the construction and automated testing of fully functional software
  • Writing superior unit tests [cut for space if necessary]

About the Web Site

The accompanying Web site, tddjs.com, contains all of the book's code listings and additional resources.


Preface Part I: Test-Driven Development Chapter 1: Automated Testing Chapter 2: The Test Driven Development Process Chapter 3: Tools of the Trade Chapter 4: Test to Learn Part II: JavaScript for Programmers Chapter 5: Functions Chapter 6: Applied Functions and Closures Chapter 7: Objects and Prototypal Inheritance Chapter 8: ECMAScript 5th Edition Chapter 9: Unobtrusive JavaScript Chapter 10: Feature Detection Part III: Real-World Test Driven Development in JavaScript Chapter 11: The Observer Pattern Chapter 12: Abstracting Browser Differences: Ajax Chapter 13: Streaming Data With Ajax and Comet Chapter 14: Server-Side JavaScript With Node.js Chapter 15: TDD and DOM Manipulation: The Chat Client Part IV: Testing Patterns Chapter 16: Mocking and Stubbing Chapter 17: Writing Good Unit Tests Index


Christian Johansen works for Shortcut AS, a software company focusing on open source technology, Web, and mobile applications. Originally a student in informatics, mathematics, and digital signal processing, he has spent his professional career specializing in Web and front-end development with technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. A frequent open source contributor, he blogs about JavaScript, Ruby, and Web development at cjohansen.no.


"A simplified and well-explained book about one of the most underestimated parts of any application life-cycle. Christian Johansen brings real world examples, simple to advanced, and a useful library together in one place. I couldn't expect more from Test-Driven JavaScript Development. Excellent learning and definitively easy to read." --Andrea Giammarchi, lead developer, NOKIA Gate 5 GmbH "A great mix of theory and practical examples makes this a good read for both newcomers to JavaScript/TDD and seasoned JavaScripters wanting to add to their skill set." --Jacob Seidelin, freelance web developer, Nihilogic
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