New Approaches to Problem-based Learning

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Problem-based learning (PBL) is a pedagogical approach that has the capacity to create vibrant and active learning environments in higher education. However, both experienced PBL practitioners and those new to PBL often find themselves looking for guidance on how to engage and energise a PBL curriculum. New Approaches to Problem-based Learning: Revitalising your Practice in Higher Education provides that guidance from a range of different, complementary perspectives. Leading practitioners in the field as well as new voices in PBL teaching and learning have collaborated to produce this text. Each chapter provides practical and experienced accounts of issues and ideas for PBL, as well as a strong theoretical and evidence base. Whether you are an experienced PBL practitioner, or new to the processes and principles of PBL, this book will help you to find ways of revitalising and enriching your practice and of enhancing the learning experience in a range of higher education contexts.


Preface Acknowledgements Part I. Stakeholders Designing Problem-based Learning Initiatives 1. Introduction to Problem-based Learning (PBL), Terry Barrett and Sarah Moore 2. Designing Problems and Triggers in Different Media: Challenging All Students, Terry Barrett, Diane Cashman, and Sarah Moore 3. Designing Authentic PBL Problems in Multidisciplinary Groups, Marie Stanton and Majella McCaffrey 4. Students as Essential Partners, Karen O'Rourke, Louise Goldring, and Marcia Ody 5. Making Strong Learning Connections: Students Involvement in Improving the Interconnections of Concepts in a PBL Module, Geraldine O'Neill and Woei Hung 6. Bringing Problems to Life Using Video, Compare/Contrast and Role Play: Applying Experience from Medical Education to Your PBL Context, Tatum Langford Korin and LuAnn Wilkerson 7. Employers' Perspectives on Problem-based Learning Initiatives, Siobhan Drohan, Yves Mauffette, and Jean-Louis Allard 8. Evaluating Problem-based Learning Initiatives, Ivan Moore and Sari Poikela Part II. Students Using Problem-based Learning to Enhance Capabilities 9. Students Maximising the Potential of the Problem-based Learning Tutorial: Generating Dialogic Knowing, Terry Barrett and Sarah Moore 10. Shining a Spotlight on Students' Information Literacy in the PBL Process, Lorna Dodd, Eeva-Liisa Eskola, and Charlotte Silen 11. Developing Reflective Practitioners through PBL in Academic and Practice Environments, Marja-Leena Lahteenmaki and Lars Uhlin 12. Enriching Problem-based Learning through Design Thinking, Norman Jackson and Fred Buining 13. Using Assessment to Promote Student Capabilities, Catharine Pettigrew, Ingrid Scholten, and Emma Gleeson 14. The Triple Jump Assessment: Aligning Learning and Assessment, Ntombifikile Gloria Mtshali and Lyn Middleton Part III. Sustainability and Building Capacity in Problem-based Learning Initiatives 15. Planning and Building Capacity for a Major PBL Initiative, Paul Finucane, Peter McCrorie, and David Prideaux 16. Empowering Tutors: Strategies for Inspired and Effective Facilitation of PBL Learning, Deirdre Connolly and Charlotte Silen 17. PBL Challenges both Curriculum and Teaching, Sari Poikela and Ivan Moore 18. A PBL Response to the Digital Native Dilemma, Timo Portimojarvi and Roisin Donnell 19. Rethinking Supervision of PhD Work Processes: ProBell Research Group Walking the PBL Talk, Anna Raija Nummenmaa and Merja Alanko-Turunen 20. How We Wrote This Book: A PBL Approach to Collaborative Writing, Sarah Moore and Terry Barrett Notes on contributors


Terry Barrett is a Lecturer in Education Development at University College Dublin where she works with curriculum development teams to design, implement and research PBL initiatives in a range of disciplines. Sarah Moore is Associate Vice President and Professor at the University of Limerick, where she adopts a strategic focus on optimising teaching and learning.


"These authors have lived, breathed and researched PBL over a long time, so their wisdom in compiling and shaping contributions for this book is likely to benefit many interested readers."--British Journal of Educational Technology
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