Visual Research Methods in the Social Sciences

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A guide for students, researchers and teachers in the social sciences that offers an integrated approach to doing visual research, showing the potential for building convincing case studies using a mix of visual forms including: archive images, media, maps, objects, buildings and video interviews.


Introduction Part 1 1. The Process of Research and Visual Methods 2. Visualising Social Life 3. Mapping Society: A Sense of Place 4. Politics of Identity in Visual Research 5. Trends in Visual Analysis Part 2: Research Practices in Focus 6. Panizza Allmark - Towards a Photographie Feminine: Photography of the City 7. Sarah Atkinson - Multiple cameras, Multiple screens, Multiple possibilities: An insight into the interactive film production process 8. Roger Brown - Photography as Process 9. Roger Canals - Studying images through images. A visual ethnography of Maria Lionza's cult in Venezuela Conclusions


Dr Stephen Spencer is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Sheffield Hallam University. He has worked in both Further and Higher education in Australia, with a background in anthropology and cultural and media studies. His previous works include Social Identities: Multidisciplinary Approaches with Gary Taylor (Routledge, 2004); Race & Ethnicity: Culture, Identity and Representation (Routledge, 2006); 'A Dream Deferred': Ethnic Conflict in Guyana (Hansib Press, 2006).
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