Arab Filmmakers of the Middle East: A Dictionary

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August 2010



In this landmark dictionary, Roy Armes details the scope and diversity offilmmaking across the Arab Middle East. Listing more than 550 feature films by morethan 250 filmmakers, and short and documentary films by another 900 filmmakers, thisvolume covers the film production in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, andthe Gulf States. An introduction by Armes locates film and filmmaking traditions inthe region from early efforts in the silent era to state-funded productions byisolated filmmakers and politically engaged documentarians. Part 1 listsbiographical information about the filmmakers and their feature films. Part 2details key feature films from the countries represented. Part 3 indexesfeature-film titles in English and French with details about the director, date, andcountry of origin.


Acknowledgments; Note on Layout; List of Acronyms Introduction: Filmmaking in Divided Lands; Part 1. Dictionary of Filmmakers; Part 2. Feature-Film Chronologies; Part 3. Index of Feature-Film Titles Bibliography


Roy Armes is Professor Emeritus of Film at Middlesex University. He has published widely on world cinema and is author of Dictionary of African Filmmakers (IUP, 2008).


"Essential for libraries and useful for individual readers who will find essays on subjects rarely treated in English." Kevin Dwyer, American University in Cairo "Constitutes a 'counter-reading' of received views and assumptions about the absence of Arab cinema in the Middle East." Michael T. Martin, Black Film Archive, Indiana University
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