Broken Ground

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Broken Ground is remarkable for its prophetic vision of the hollow securities promised by incarceration and of the effects of "privatization" as an armature of American imperialism-in both the domestic and international realms.


John Keeble is the author of four novels, including "Yellowfish" and "Broken Ground," a collection of short stories, "Nocturnal America," and a work of nonfiction, "Out of the Channel: The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Prince William Sound."


"A deftly evoked, beautifully perceived novel about trouble and doubt, about the persistent trickiness of life. It is a fresh, wise, consistently engaging work."-Barry Lopez "In John Keeble's extraordinary novel, Broken Ground, a social fable for our time, every element has its double in the illuminating realm of metaphor... No other serious American novel has confronted so directly and so eerily the slithery power of corporate dominance over humble lives as well as over our changing, dehumanized landscape."-Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Hungry Mind Review "Broken Ground rumbles with metaphor, and the book seems to propel itself toward revelations about our individual, collective, and national spirit."-Tim Nolan, New York Times Book Review
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