Manual of Inpatient Psychiatry

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Inpatient units treat some of the most difficult psychiatric patients. This compact clinical manual is convenient for use on the ward and serves as a standard guide for treatment, addressing the common questions and issues that clinicians face in day-to-day psychiatric work with this challenging patient group. Chapters are organised around the diagnoses found on inpatient psychiatric units, with additional chapters addressing documentation and the care of young adult inpatients. Charts, tables and clinical hints amplify the text, allowing practising clinicians to find the information they need quickly and easily, and enabling students to master the field for board and end-of-clerkship exams. This practical manual is essential reading for practising psychiatrists, psychiatric residents and all psychiatric educators, as well as serving as an accessible reference for physicians in other specialties who consult on the psychiatric ward, psychiatric nurses and medical students.


Foreword Laura Hirshbein; Preface; 1. The inpatient with schizophrenia; 2. The inpatient with depression; 3. The inpatient with mania; 4. The inpatient with borderline personality disorder; 5. The inpatient with dementia; 6. The inpatient with traumatic brain injury; 7. The impatient with dual diagnosis; 8. The young adult on the inpatient unit; 9. Clinical documentation on the inpatient unit; Index.


Michael I. Casher is Director of the Psychiatry Adult Inpatient Program and Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Joshua D. Bess is Attending Psychiatrist, Adult Inpatient Unit and Clinical Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.


'The interesting observations that have been presented in the context of the authors' vast clinical experience are particularly useful and aspects outlined are invaluable especially for the trainee who is relatively new to inpatient psychiatry. ... the book provides a mixture of some theory, clinical evidence, and valuable clinical experience which makes for an interesting read. This is an engaging short text, which does not set out to be a reference guide, but is more of a friendly and structured guide to inpatient psychiatry which I think most trainees would find useful.' Psychological Medicine 'The format is reader-friendly ... an ideal guide for medical students and first-year residents beginning to train in inpatient unit psychiatry. Readers will find the answers to questions they are afraid to ask for fear of looking incompetent or ignorant. This book will fit easily into the pocket of a white coat and serve as a quick reference on the unit when learning how to deal with specific diagnoses or about a particular medication. ... an excellent resource for those in early training or beginning their careers ... it is an easy read and contains a fair amount of useful information and clinical tips. I would recommend it for medical students, new or returning residents, new attending physicians who have been thrust into the role of primary decision maker for their patients, and clinicians who would appreciate a pocket supervisor to help them make treatment decisions.' Psychiatric Times
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