Stock Market 101 Simplified

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September 2012



Our mission with this book is to introduce 100,000 people to the stock market! We know that this book will help you with the following and more: Now more than ever, focus on stocks...Why?(pg.6); Learn stock market basics(pg.8); Take control - understand splits, dividends, P/E Ratio (pg.39);Easily understand how to place a buy order (pg.15);Forget guesswork, use simple principles (pg.44);Learn market movement - price/volume is everything! (pg.30); Learn how simple and easy profits are made (pg.41); Understand when to sell your shares (pg.48); Read a stock chart in seconds (pg.22);Open a trade account and much more!(pg.49) This book was simplified so that anyone could learn how to earn profits in just a week!

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