From Method to Playfulness to Chaos

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Mai 2010



This book mainly focuses on the dialectical relationship between Method and Freedom. Method is most primarily aimed at making something amenable to understanding and manipulation but method which is viewed as a solution to the problem of unintelligibility of the natural phenomena itself comes to be problematized in its dialectical relationship with freedom. In the present book the author looks at this dialectic from both modernist and postmodernist perspectives and tries to suggest a synthetic view of human freedom. The author suggests that the modernist notion of freedom from authority should be extended to freedom from method as well, and in the light of postmodernism, freedom should be at the core of the methodology of philosophical enquiry. By the way of conclusion the author suggests that Myth viewed as collective artwork could be a way out of whatever has gone wrong with the postmodernist predicament. The author suggests that some sort of revival of mythical mode of understanding is required to propel postmodernism in the right direction.


Ajay Verma teaches philosophy in University of Delhi. His areas of interest include Continental Philosophy, Indian Philosophy and Comparative Philosophy. He has presented and published papers on Postmodernism and Comparative philosophy.
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