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Man's success in this world of matter, primarily depends upon man's awareness that he has pledged before God that God is his only Lord and the Creator. This book is composed of the teaching of Holy Prophets of God and provides readers guidance for living on this globe. Deliberation upon the teachings of the prophets of God leads us to conclude that all the prophets collectively not only gave us the concepts of good and evil but also proved it by practicing their teaching practically that man can live a purposeful live only after distinguishing between vice and virtue, good and evil. Further, the life of last Holy prophet Mohammad (PBUH)is described in detail in which he made very endeavor in spreading the Elohistic approach or simply the mercy for 23 years. The life up to the 40 years is also a beacon of light for all of us. Reader of this book would certainly feel the sublimity and limitlessness of knowledge contained therein that equally be useful for a common man belonging to any community. The author highly acknowledge publishing of it by VDM Publishing House Ltd., for knowledge sharing internationally.


Sufi Al-Azeemi a renowned spiritual scholar author 60 booklets, 29 books on metaphysical sciences and serving humanity through 70 Muraqba Halls by offering solutions to their physical, mental, marital and social problems worldwide. His mission to mankind is that they should know the Lord Creator and enjoy a blissful life here-hereafter.
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Untertitel: Life and Teaching for Awareness that God is the Only Lord and Creator. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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