Leading Through Transitions Facilitator's Guide [With 2 GB Flash Drive]

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Help your leaders master the human side of change. Change and transition -- in most of today's organizations, they are unexpected and frequent, monumental in scope, relentless, and increasingly complex. Flux has become the natural state of most organizations.


Kerry A. Bunker is founder and president of Mangrove Leadership Solutions, an executive development firm specializing in improving organizational leadership and performance through senior executive learning and coaching. Prior to forming his current organization, Kerry was senior fellow and manager of the Awareness Program for Executive Excellence (APEX) at the Center for Creative Leadership. Michael Wakefield is president of Xander Inc., a consultancy specializing in the practical application of psychology to leadership and performance enhancement. Michael is also a principal with Amazon's Global Leadership Development group. His primary responsibilities are to design and deliver leadership development initiatives. Michael came to Amazon from the Center for Creative Leadership, where he served as the manager of trainer development and designed and delivered customized, client-specific programs. The Center for Creative Leadership (www.ccl.org) is a top-ranked, global provider of executive education that unlocks individual and organizational potential through its exclusive focus on leadership education and research.
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