Best Practices in Adult Learning

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Institutions of academia are experiencing a schism when it comes to adult learners-some recognize and foster the dynamism of this student population while others harbor animosity and frenetic attitudes toward adult learners.


About the Authors. Preface. Part I: laying the Foundation for Best Practices. 1. Applications of Multiple Intelligences for Adult Learners ( Linda Anderson ). 2. Bridging the Gap: Improving Graduation Rates in a Degree Completion Program ( Sean Warner ). 3. Program Planning and Review in Adult Higher Education: Using Program Models Effectively ( Patricia R. Brewer ). Part II: Defining Moments in Adult Learner Programs . 4. Strategic Partnerships: Successfully Managing Collaborative Ventures in Adult Education ( Bruce Pietrykowski ). 5. Recruiting and Admitting Adult Learners: They're Not Just Older--They're Different ( Iris H. Kelsen, Lawrence T. Lesick ). 6. Adult Learner Advising: the Vital Link ( Sue Grunau ). 7. the Introductory transformation Course for Adult Learners: Critical and Essential ( Lee Bash ). Part III: Faculty Development: A Key to Instructional Effectiveness . 8. Adjunct Faculty Training ( Stuart Noble-Boodman, W. Hubbard Segur ). 9. Assuring Instructional Effectiveness. ( Walter Pearson ). Part IV: Technological Applications. 10. The Role of Distance Education in Enhancing Accessibility for Adult Learners ( Karen I. Rhoda ). 11. Computer-Mediated Communication: A Quest for Quality ( Margie Martyn ). Part V: Adult Learning Includes Senior Learners. 12. Meeting the Needs of Older Adult Learners: The Development of a Learning in retirement Institute ( Charlene L. Martin ). Index.


Lee Bash is dean of graduate and professional studies at Averett University, a program with four regional centers and more than 25 satellite sites serving more than two-thirds of the a school's total enrollment. Since the publication of his previous book, Adult Learners in the Academy (Anker, 2003), he has consulted and presented on the unique and special issues associated with adult learners. He was recently asked by the American Council on Education to serve as resident scholar for 2004-2005 on a task force focusing on the topic of adult learners in 21st-century higher education.
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