Insights, Contexts and Frontiers of Marketing Thought

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Mai 2010



This book aims to demonstrate the theoretical importance of devising the insights, contexts, and frontiers to keep marketing thought process as foresightful and insightful as possible. The main argumentation and message, this book is devoted to get across, is to invite the serious and diligent marketing researcher who is committed to advancing the cause and contribution of this universal science to deliberately embark on one or more of these venues. Therefore, this venue-wise research endeavors into any of these major destinations requires a clear definition of the main landmarks of these destinations and a clear configuration of the landscape of each destination ultimate end. It is strongly believed by the authors that marketing thought can be significantly and progressively advanced through the deliberate and rigorous research pursuits of the three road maps.


Dr. Wael Kortam, Professor of Marketing, Vice Dean For Postgraduate Programs, Research and Internationalization and Executive Director of CUIB. Dr. Abeer Mahrou, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Deputy Executive Director of CUIB. Both Authors Work at the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University and Cairo University International Branch (CUIB).
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